About Us

Joyride is a live game show app, with a growing lineup of interactive and diverse shows. Players can team up with their friends to compete against the community and split real cash prizes!

On Joyride, you'll get to:

  • Play in live shows for real money and bragging rights!
  • Play as a team with friends
  • Interact with the community in text chat to find new friends
  • Join video chats with friends to keep playing when the show's over

We have the the following games live:

  • Quizzo: Are you a trivia expert? Answer as many questions as you can without getting knocked out!
  • Trivia Crush: It's all about speed! Answer the trivia questions as fast as possible to make the cut.
  • Music Mania: This song sound familiar? Guess the song title to stay in the game!
  • Film Frenzy: Know this movie? Guess the film title to stay in the game!
  • Dream Date: Follow along with our guest as they swipe through dating profiles!
  • Sold!: Guess the auction price for an array of weird and wonderful items!
  • Superfans: Are you the expert on Harry Potter? DC Comics? Then this show is for you - all themed trivia, all the time.
  • Top Pop: Boxers or Briefs? Khalid or Post Malone? Make your choice and get points for being in the majority!
  • The Crush: Help our guest find love as they choose between suitors on this realtime dating gameshow!

….And many more shows coming soon.

Get a glimpse of Joyride (Channels where we stream our game shows):
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